Formerly Pact Consulting Limited

Growing for Good

KapAg is a Kapiti-based agricultural
and farming systems consultancy.

KapAg’s work adds value to the Kapiti Coast’s vibrant food and landscape sectors.

KapAg is one of a dynamic chain of organisations engaged with sustainable land-based production.

We provide services in the following areas:

Farming Consultancy

Fertiliser advice, nutrient management and enterprise analyses to improve profitability. Farmers can be provided with nutrient management reports from Overseer information and farming system analyses. KapAg is able to carry out feeding budgeting and enterprise analyses for their farming businesses. These reports can be used to prepare and support landuse consent applications to regional councils.

Agricultural strategies

KapAg provides primary industry organisations and government organisations with strategies for innovation and behaviour change. These are based on academic studies in cognitive social psychology and the latest understanding of agricultural extension and capability building.

Systems Research

KapAg provides qualitative and quantitative research and analysis for improved decision making. The studies can be used to support decision making in complex and unstructured environments such as participatory problem solving and community planning.

Social research

KapAg carries out social research studies into knowledge systems and adult learning. Literature reviews are able to be provided into academic and applied topics. These have been used for designing and evaluating formal courses and informal learning.

Policy Advice

KapAg facilitiates collaborative approaches to developing statutory plans including stakeholder analyses and conflict resolution. KapAg can assist with designing evidence-based policies, rule and other methods. It can also design implementation programmes for achieving social and human behaviour change.

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