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The Nguturoa ‘Seeing, Understanding, Believing’, (SUB) Project was begun by a group of landowners and farmers in the Nguturoa Catchment of the Manawatū.  The purpose of the project funded by Our Land and Water is to measure trends in the ecological health, nutrient levels and sediment status of the Nguturoa Stream, directly linked to waterways draining from critical source areas on agricultural properties.  Three participating landowners have developed farm plans showing how they are contributing towards improving the waterway in the catchment as part of their farming businesses.

The purpose of this field day is to introduce farmers, land owners, and agri-business to the project and the tools and processes that support it.  These include:

  • An understanding of water quality and waterway ecology and the factors that influence these.
  • An understanding of farm systems, farm business, and strategic decision making.
  • The Stream Health, Monitoring and Assessment Kit (SHMAK) produced by the National Institute of Water and Atmosphere (NIWA).

During this field day we have provided a range of speakers to inform us about these topics and we look forward to your contributions in the discussions.